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Twinship & Letterhead Exchange With Rac Jawalakhel Majushree

2075-10-14 / 2019-01-28

To strengthen the bond of friendship and to act upon the motto of rotaract.Rotarct club of Kakarvitta has twinship relationship with RAC Jawalakhel Read More

Mr. And Ms. Rotaract 2019 Season 2.0

2075-10-12 / 2019-01-26

The audition for Mr. and Ms. Rotaract Season 2.0 were held in 5 cities and in context of Zone I, RAC Itahari was the regional host.The program was Read More

Rota Ride 2018" From the land of Buddha to the land he awakaned"

2075-8-21 / 2018-12-07

Rac Kakarvittan & Rac Birtamode midtow  jointly completed 1221 kilometres in 4 days (7-12 December 2018) during project rota ride from Read More

Interaction on Entrepreneurship & Economic Development.

2075-8-4 / 2018-11-20

On dated 20th of November 2018 Rotaract Club of Kakarvitta jointly with Rotary Club of Kakarvitta Organized a New Business, Carrier Development & Read More

Deushi Bhailo Program 2075

2075-7-21 / 2018-11-07

Club members along with Our Club Mentor , together played deusi at house of some rotarians of sponsoring rotary club and also club member Read More

World Polio Day Celebration

2075-7-7 / 2018-10-24

on the ocassion of World Polio Day Rotaract Club of kakarvitta Organized in house polio facts and current situation awareness program.During the Read More

International Peace Day

2075-6-5 / 2018-09-21

On dated 21st September on the ocassion of world peace day we lighted up the Candle and prayed for peace, harmony and prosperity of world.The program Read More

Chithiram Project 2018

2075-5-21 / 2018-09-06

On the occasion of Literacy Day & 3rd Charter Ceremony of the club, Rotaract Club of Kakarvitta organized award winning Chitram Project which was Read More

Pre-Induction Training For New Proposed Member

2075-4-31 / 2018-08-16

The Rotractors From Rac Birtamode Mid-town ZRR Rtr Sunny Goyal Rtr. Birodh Subedi( Charter President Of Damak) and District Trainer Rtr. Sabin Raut Read More

Cardio & Neuro Surgery Health Camp - 2018.

2075-4-17 / 2018-08-02

On Dated 2nd of August 2018 Rotaract club of kakarvitta along with Rotary Club of Kakarvitta and technical support from Noble Medical College Read More

"GREEN HANDS" The Global Tree Plantation Movement

2075-4-11 / 2018-07-27

On dated,27th july 2018 we Rotaract club of kakarvitta  organized “GREEN HANDS” the global tree  plantation movement initiated Read More

2nd Rtn. Arun Memorial Super 6 Rota Cricket Tournament 2018

2075-2-11 / 2018-05-25

On 25th May 2018, in loving memory of Late Rtn. Arun Kumar Shrestha, the chartered President of Rotary Club of Kakarvitta, Rotaract Club of Read More

Nutrition And Child Health Camp

2075-1-30 / 2018-05-13

बाहृ वर्ष भन्दा मुनिका बालबालिकालाई लक्षित गरी झापाको à Read More

Surprise Birthday Celebration of Club Mentor

2074-11-27 / 2018-03-11

On Dated 11th march 2018 Rac Kakarvitta Celebrated It's Club Mentor Birthday at Rotary Rotaract Office Kakarvitta.9 Rotractors, Club Mentr and Read More

DRR's Official Club Visit

2074-11-26 / 2018-03-10

The official DRR visit was happened on 10th March, 2018 which was successfully conducted with the presence of 2 district officials DRR Rtr. Suraj Read More

E- Letter Head Exchange With RAC Synergy Zone B RID 3262

2074-11-25 / 2018-03-09

Rotaract Club of Kakarvitta exchanged its letterhead with Rotaract Club of Synergy India with the objectives of building realtionship between two Read More

Official ZRR Visit

2074-11-24 / 2018-03-08

President secretary treasurer and directors shared activities to zrr
Read More

Female Health Education & Sanitation Pad Distribution Program

2074-11-23 / 2018-03-07

On dated 7th March Rotaract Club of Kakarvitta successfully conducted Female Health Education and Sanitary Pad Distribution Programme on the occasion Read More

Audtion For Voice of BPKIHS

2074-11-22 / 2018-03-06

On Dated 6th of March 2018 Rotarct Club Of Dharan Ghopa Organised an Audition Round Of Voice Of BPKIHS at The premises of BPKIHS Dussera Hall. 23 Read More

Rota Holi

2074-11-18 / 2018-03-02

on Dated 2nd Of March 2018 Rotract Club Of Kakarvitta Celebrated the festival of colors Holi  at the premises of Namaste Chowk. The members Read More

Pray For Syria Candle Light Rally

2074-11-15 / 2018-02-27

Oxn dated 27th february 2018 Rotaract Club of Kakarvitta in association with Hamro Nepal organisation organised a candle light peace rally for the Read More

Eye Screening and Dental Check-up Campaign

2074-10-23 / 2018-02-06

On Dated 6th of February 2018, Rotaract Club Of Kakarvitta in association with Durga Chandra Memorial Trust (Technical Support Mechi Read More

2nd National Conference On Literacy and WASH in School

2074-10-19 / 2018-02-02

2nd National Conference in Literacy and WASH in School was organized by Rotary Nepal Literacy Mission of RI District 3292 to share and disseminate Read More

Distribution of Clothes and daily necessary things

2074-10-17 / 2018-01-31

On dated 31st January 2018, Rotaract Club Of Kakarvitta in association with Hongkong Student Association Distributed the clothes and other daily Read More

10th Rotaract District Conference

2074-10-12 / 2018-01-26

Rotaractors from all across nepal attended the event.Different program was presented.Personality Development and training workshops to Read More

Cyber crime awareness program

2074-10-6 / 2018-01-20

साइबर सुरक्षा सम्बन्धि एकदिने सचेतना कार्यक्रम झापाको à Read More

Club Assembly & Rota Picnic

2074-10-4 / 2018-01-18

On Dated 18th Of January 2018 RAc Kakarvitta Organosed its 2nd club Assembly & Club Picnic at Kalika Simsar Jhapa.The Program Started with Read More

Support To Children Rescue Center Nepal

2074-9-28 / 2018-01-12

On Dated 12th Of Jan. 2018, RAC Kakarvitta along With RAC Birtamod Mid-townd distributed Food Material & Blanket to Thirteen Orphanage child Read More

RYLA Night and Rotaract Year of Golden Jubliee

2074-9-25 / 2018-01-09

Above titled program begin with a formal opening and Award distribution to participants in different catagories and as well as games as Read More

RYLA Dharan 2018

2074-9-23 / 2018-01-07

Rotaract Club Of Kakarvitta's three Member Rtr. Nitesh Kr. Singh Rajput, Rtr. Anil Kashyap & Rtr. Dalim Khadka along with 3 other students of Read More

Friendly Futsal Match with Rac Birtamode

2074-9-21 / 2018-01-05

A Friendly Futsal Match Was Played Between Rac Kakarvitta and Rac Birtamode at Futsal Birtamod on Dated 5th Jan. 2018. The Game was Played For 90 Read More


2074-9-15 / 2017-12-30

Hosted by rac Dharan Ghopa and Rac Itahari, the picnic began at 9 am. after all members were present , it began with introduction of all members and Read More


2074-9-11 / 2017-12-26

Rtr. Nitesh coordinated the event. A friendly futsal match was played betweem members of rac btm midtown and rac kakarvitta at birtamode futsal court Read More

Christmas Eve Get Together

2074-9-9 / 2017-12-24

On the ocassion of christmas, RAC KAKARVITTA celebrated christmas at Rtr. Arjun Dahal's House. at 5pm ,  began with cake cutting by club Read More

Cardio & Diabetes Health Camp for Senior Citizens

2074-9-8 / 2017-12-23

On the Occasion of "World Diabetes Day" Rotaract Club of Kakarvitta along With Rotary Club of Kakarvitta and Senior Citizen Read More

3rd Zonal Meeting and late Rtr Santosh memorial Nationwide ROTA QUIZ.

2074-9-1 / 2017-12-16

Rotaract club of Kakarvitta participated in the 3rd Zonal meet and late Rtr. Santosh Nationwide Quiz program hosted by Rac Biratngar on 16 dec 2017 Read More

Rota Janti

2074-8-17 / 2017-12-03

On Dated 3rd of December 2017 Rtr. Krishna Kafle President Of Rotaract club of Kakarvitta got Married with Sadikshya Bhattarai Resident of Damak. 17 Read More

Letter head exchange

2074-7-25 / 2017-11-11

On dated 11th November at Kakarvitta Bus Park duringL4th Late. Sachin Memorial Nationwide Blood Donation Camp, we Rotaract Club of Kakarvittar Read More

4th Late Sachin Memorial Nationwide Blood Donation Camp

2074-7-25 / 2017-11-11

There were presence of 26 Rotaractors,  1 observer and Rotarian Sirs and Madamalong with members from Nepal Red Cross Society and . We were Read More

Rota Deusi

2074-7-3 / 2017-10-20

club members along with Our Club Mentor , together played deusi at house of some rotarians of sponsoring rotary club and also club member Read More

Peace Day Celebration

2074-6-5 / 2017-09-21

On dated 21st September on the ocassion of world peae day we lighted up the Candle and prayed for peace, harmony and prosperity of world.The program Read More

sports materials distribution programme

2074-5-27 / 2017-09-12

On dated sep 12 Rotaract club of Kakarvitta distributed sports materials to the students of Shree Arniko Ma Vi. The students were provided footballs Read More

Mechinagar- 13 SanthalBasti Flood Relief

2074-5-2 / 2017-08-18

मेचिनगर नगरपालिका १३ स्थित ९ घरपरिवार रहेको संथाल बस्तà Read More

Bishwadubba Flood Relief

2074-4-32 / 2017-08-16

Flood relief program has begun with support of Rotaract Nepal and donation given by rotract clubs of Nepal.Todays program was Jointly Organised by Read More

2nd Installation & Thanks Giving Ceremony

2074-4-26 / 2017-08-10

Rotaract Club of Kakarvitta Concluded its 2nd Installation and Thanksgiving Ceremony on the Presence of Mayor of Mechinagar Municipality Rtn. Bimal Read More


2074-4-26 / 2017-08-10

In the Presnece of Zonal Rotaract Representative (ZRR) Sharad Joshi

Assistant Governor (AG) Rtn. Kumar Giri

as well as President of Read More

Zonal cots and zonal installation

2074-4-21 / 2017-08-05

On dated 5th August  Rotaract Club of Itahari n Rotaract Club of Dharan jointly organized Zonal installation and zonal cots in presence of DRR Read More

Pre-induction program

2074-4-14 / 2017-07-29

The Rotractors From Rac Birtamode Mid-town & Rac Birtamode Rtr. Birodh Subedi , Rtr Sunny Goyal & Rtr. Pooza Shah Gave the Training on Read More

1st Zonal psmeet

2074-3-30 / 2017-07-14

On dated 14th July 2017, Rotaract Club of Kakarvitta organized 1st zonal psmeet of Zone-1. Altogether 6 Clubs from Zone participated to have a great Read More

Joint 1st Club Assembly

2074-3-25 / 2017-07-09

The meeting went on discussing and focusing on plan of action of every avenues director and finding out ways of accomplishing it. Every avenues Read More

Saptari Flood Relief

2074-3-24 / 2017-07-08

This Project was jointly conducted by Rac Birtamode and Rac Kakarvitta in association with Madhesi Association in America (MAIA). 97 Families of Read More

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